Living root bridges

I found this great set of photos of living root bridges which are some inspirational scenes for the challenges of dense foilage/geometry in graphics. I look forward to the day these could be digitally voxelized with 3D camera techniques and put into a game.

3 thoughts on “Living root bridges

  1. There are scenes like this where I live, and my goal is to put something like this into a game project I'm working on (have lots of photos of similar, but not quite as cool as these you've found). I loved your article on GDJ, although frankly much of the terminology is outside of my area of expertise! Mahalo for such an excellent article…

  2. ThinkingMan – thanks!SR – implicit surface objects are certainly a route to take when modelling complex plants, but that doesn't have to be the runtime representation – it could be converted to voxels offline. (although voxel animation is still unachieved, as far as i know)

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