Understanding the Brain: Where to Start

I’ve always had a strong interest in the brain, and lately I’ve been reading as much as I can to catch up in the fields of AI and computational neuroscience in particular.  The end result of my most recent reading is the accumulation of a perspective  somewhat different than that which I started with.  Consider…

Building the Brain

A question of hardware capability? When can we expect the Singularity? What kind of hardware would be required for an artificial cortex? How far out into the future of Moore’s Law is such technology? The startling answer is that the artificial cortex, and thus the transition to a profoundly new historical era, is potentially much…

Update: moving blog

I’m in the process of porting this blog over to wordpress from blogger, largely due to accumulated frustration with blogger’s editor.  I’m also preparing a larger volume of mainly Singularity related writings that i’ve accumulated over the last year into a more organized form for this site.  The intro page is a good start.

Latency & Human Response Time in current and future games

I’m still surprised at how many gamers and even developers aren’t aware that typical games today have total response latencies ranging anywhere from 60-200ms. We tend to think of latencies in terms of pings and the notion that the response time or ‘ping’ from a computer or a console five feet away can be comparable…

New Job

I’m moving in about a week to start a new job at OnLive, putting my money where my mouth is so to speak. An exciting change. I haven’t had much time recently for this blog, but I’ll be getting back to it shortly.

Living root bridges

I found this great set of photos of living root bridges which are some inspirational scenes for the challenges of dense foilage/geometry in graphics. I look forward to the day these could be digitally voxelized with 3D camera techniques and put into a game.